Thank you to 1-800-PetMeds for their donation!


Please Help,Donate.


With a recent influx of dogs due to a large hoarding situation, dog food is DESPERATELY needed at Girard Lifesaver.  
PLEASE, if you can spare any donation toward food, it would be greatly appreciated. We now have 50 dogs that are part of the Girard Lifesaver Rescue and are adoptable, PLUS 16 puppies that need to be fed.  Please donate using the Pay Pal button below or by purchase dog food at Tractor Supply and they will hold it for me.  Just tell them it is for Girard Lifesaver.  Retriever Brand is the most affordable and nutritious food that I have found.  The puppies need Purina Puppy Chow.  Please share if you know anyone that maybe able to help.  I am unable to take any more animals in at this time due to the extreme food shortage. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for any help you may be able to offer our precious rescues.      ~ Samantha

The problem of unwanted animals in Burke County has become astronomical.  So many are being born unwanted. Many are dumped on lonely back roads or at dumpsters (yes, people actually do this).  It's hard to see and not be able to help them all.  But there IS a solution...  Spaying and Neutering your pet will help to eliminate this growing problem.

We are at full capacity and unable to take in any more rescues ~ but we offer NO COST spay/neuter vouchers to fix your pets FOR FREE!  This voucher also includes a FREE rabies shot!

If you or someone you know who has a pet that needs to be fixed, PLEASE contact us to obtain a FREE VOUCHER!

Email me at or call (770) 871-8273 
to get your FREE VOUCHER and save many lives TODAY!


Saving lives through prevention, education and intervention

(478) 569-9209 • Cell: (706) 871-8273

Girard LifeSaver is located in the small rural community of Girard, Georgia in Burke County. We are in a county the size of Rhode Island. We have no animal control and are in great need of foster or forever adoptive homes for the many animals we have in our rescue.

We serve Burke, Jenkins & Screven Counties and the entire CSRA of Georgia & South Carolina, but we welcome inquires from other areas of Georgia as well as out of state inquires. Transport can be arranged in some cases.

To know that one life has breathed easier, because you have lived, is the true meaning of being a success. Don't breed or buy while homeless pets die, adopt a friend for LIFE.

If you have questions or doubts about the advantages of fixing your dog or cat here is a link to some very helpful information:

"I am my brothers keeper, and I will fight his fight and speak the word for beast and bird, til the world shall set things right."