This little girl was surrendered to our rescue at the age of about 4 months. She was such a sweet girl - all puppy - but confused and distraught with the changes in her life.  

But on January 12th, 2014, our precious LuLu, now Izzy, went to her forever home.  We know she will be loved and cherished her whole life.

Have a great life Izzy!! We love you! We love happy tails!!


"Akaya"... Means Inner Peace. 

​Akaya was pulled by Girard Life Saver from a high kill shelter on the request of a rescue in Waterbury, Connecticut who wanted her
 UNTIL it was determined by that she was HW+ and Pregnant!  Unfortunately the rescue BAILED.  This rescue said they didn't care what would happen with sweet Akaya!  Send her back to the shelter...euthanize her...whatever! 

GLS Rescue could not let that happen and Paid $200 to get them all out of boarding and here to our rescue.  Akaya blessed us with 11 gorgeous puppies.  Sadly, the 11th pup was born missing his two front legs and died within minutes after birth. 

The others were nurtured and cared for here until they were 11 weeks old.  We are happy to report that all have gone to their forever homes and families in Maine and Massachussetts.  Akaya has an appointment to be spayed and will soon be looking for her forever home.  

God Bless the broken road that led you straight to me!

AKAYA and her Babies

Marcus and Abby… NOW Miles and Luna

ABE now named HOLT

An Indian legend says: " When a human dies there is a bridge they must cross to enter into Heaven. At the head of the bridge waits every animal that human encountered during their lifetime. The animals, based on what they know of this person, decide which humans may cross the bridge...and which are turned away."

These two beautiful siblings are were adopted together and now living on a big farm in beautiful Vermont.  
​THANK YOU Tom and Lisa for giving these two sweethearts an awesome forever home!

Adopted by Brittany ~ Vets Student and Animal Lover 
God bless you and sweet Rainy!

Rainy is another happy tail due to her having found her forever home.  Here is an update from her new family:
​ ​

Hi Samantha,
I've attached  a few pictures of Rainy that I've taken over the past few days. Rainy has been absolutely perfect! She hasn't peed or pooped in the house yet, and I've trained her to leash-walk on grass (we're working on walking on sidewalks).

She is so playful and frisky in the mornings around 7 and in the nights around 10. I'll wake up to her wagging her tail (she does that 24-7 now :)) and licking my face so she can play. Once she gets over her initial shyness, she rolls over for a belly rub for most anyone who gives her attention. She adores her doggie bed and her kennel, too. She has become very attached to me; when we go to the park, she becomes so protective of me but she plays with any dog that comes by us.

She and Gracie have become best friends, and we go over to Gracie's house often (and Gracie comes to see her, too).  Rainy meets at least 3 or 4 new people every day, and everyone loves her. I can't thank you enough! She is amazing, and I can't imagine being without her now. 
Have a wonderful weekend!

Saving lives through prevention, education and intervention

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Every Life is Worth Saving!
Here are ppdate pictures of Burke County dogs that were precious throwaways who have found wonderful, forever homes in Maine, Massachussets and Connecticut.


​More will be added as time permits!

Dumped and disregarded at a local hunting club, Buddy learned early in life that humans were not his friends. 

Hunters were threatening to shoot Buddy because he followed them for food and out of curiosity.  GLS Rescue used a humane trap to catch sweet Buddy. 

Buddy was in desperate need rehabilitation, by means of love and patience. Buddy had to learn to trust humans and that not all were bad.  He was vetted and neutered, shown love and attention and still he was a very scared little boy. 

A wonderful adopter who adopted one of our pittie babies back in 2008 had just lost one of his beloved pets and opened his heart and home to Buddy, even though he knew Buddy would be a challenge and it would take lots of work and patience.  He was committed to help Buddy and welcomed him into his heart and home with open arms.  Buddy could not have found a better home on this entire earth!  So many pitties are not as lucky as Buddy and we are eternally grateful to Alex for this selfless act af love and compassion.  Happy furever afters to Buddy, Nala and Alex!!!  THANK YOU!!!

Burke County Rescues Who Have Found Furever Homes!

We are a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization.  Our EIN # is Girard Lifesaver, Inc. (Tax Exempt Number) 45-5221791


Are you our next happy tail??.....



Holt is one lucky boy and so worth it!!  Hound dogs in the south are a dime a dozen and when GLS rescue received a plea from Vicki Crosby a shelter volunteer at Albany Humane Society to please help her save Abe from the inevitable... we went to work! 

With the help of my wonderful partner in rescue, Cynthia Sweet, a home was found for Sweet Abe who now lives in Massachussetts and has two little boys who patiently waited for "their new best friend" to arrive and were busy building leaf piles for him to play in when he got there. 

​I pulled Abe from the shelter and with the help of James Kleen, a pilot for Pilots and Paws, Abe was flown to our rescue.  He was neutered and caught up on all his vaccines and then transported by Happy Trails Transport Service to his new home. 

​His new name is "Holt" in honor of me and part of my last name...  What an honor!!  Sweet Holt you have left paw prints on our hearts and may you have the best life any dog could ever hope for!  To read more of Abe's story, click on the links below.

Help make a happy tail for one of our many dogs up for adoption.  Visit ourAdopt a Pet  page, and see all the wonderful dogs who are looking for their fur-ever home and their own happy tail.  Saving one dog, not only makes a difference in their life ~ but will definitely make a difference in yours.  There's nothing like the love of a shelter dog!  

Poncho's story is not a pretty one, and one that we continually get calls about.

It  was not  torture enough for his owners to mutilate his ears by hacking them with scissors, but, this poor pittie was found in a rural and dangerous part of Georgia on a three foot chain, with no water, no food, not even a bucket or a bowl and no shelter. He was curled up in a tight ball as it 29 degrees and he was FREEZING TO DEATH!!!

Poncho was emaciate and too weak to stand up for long periods of time. Poncho's gums were white and his temperature was below normal. He needed medical attention immediately. 

And while he suffered unspeakable torture at the hands of his owners, they had the audacity to decorate their "trailer" with Christmas lights and celebrate the holidays while this poor pittie was starving and freezing to death!

GLS Rescue went to the Magistrate Court on Poncho's behalf...

The owners said it wasn't their dog - even though he was chained on THEIR property for 7 months. The magistrate judge would not issue a warrant.  But GSL took this sweet boy in. Poncho remains a happy healthy boy and is still with me here at GLS Rescue.

Poncho is now a 
A Beautiful, Smiling Happy Boy

Alex's of many..
Hi Sam,
Buddy is soooooo beautiful!!!  We are home and everything is fine.  He was great on the ride home, he met Nala through the kennel fence and then she came outside to meet him.  It went GREAT!  Within minutes of coming into the house he settled down on the couch with Nala and he even came up to see me.  Right now he is laying next to me and is falling asleep while I pet him.  He's only been here for half an hour. He is such a sweetheart and he is absolutely gorgeous.  He had his tail between his legs for about 5 minutes, now he seems relaxed and happy.  He hasn't taken any food yet, but I imagine by morning he will be settled in and woofing down breakfast.  I think he's doing great, there is definately a bond forming already :-)
Enjoy the pics. Thanks so much for Buddy