We are a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization.  Our EIN # is Girard Lifesaver, Inc. (Tax Exempt Number) 45-5221791

Each day 10,000 humans are born in the U.S. Each Day 70,000 puppies and kittens are born. At this rate, there can never be enough homes. Millions of loving dogs, puppies, cats and kittens face early deaths as a form of animal control.  Others are left to fend for themselves against automobiles, the elements, and cruel humans.

Stop the suffering SPAY/NEUTER your pet!
What you don't' know can't hurt you, but it kills them!  
Stop the madness, Spay/Neuter your pet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Saving lives through prevention, education and intervention

Cell: (706)871-8273
We are a 501(c)3  EIN # 45-5221791


Please …  Join us in our struggle to stop the killing of thousands of companion animals in shelters every day.  300,000 are killed each year in Georgia alone.  

Please sign this very important petition...We CAN Stop this and We Must Do all we can and be their voice.  Please ask others to take action against the killing of so many and sign the petition.  Thank's...Samantha


We take pride in the fact that we are a no-kill rescue and placement program that does not euthanize our animals if they are not adoptable. We give the animals in our rescue every attempt at adoption possible and understand that for whatever reason, sometimes it takes a dog months to find their forever home. Sadly, There are always some that may not find a home and will stay with us their entire life.  We don't ever give up on the possibility of them finding their own home and family and in some cases they are transfered to another rescue who can find them that home.  We have had a couple who have found homes after several years with us.   We would only euthanize an animal in cases of severe dog or human aggression or if an animal is too sick to recover from their illnesses or aggression.  Having to make such a decision is one of the hardest things a rescuer will ever have to do and they have to know in their hearts that this is the best and the kindest thing they can do for that animal.  Anyone who has been in rescue long enough has or will have to make this heartbreaking decision.   GLS Rescue has faced this only twice.  Both were loved dearly..both are waiting at the bridge and are now free of their suffering.   RIP our precious angels.


Girard Lifesaver Rescue is located in the small rural town of Girard, Ga.  We have very few fosters, so most of our rescues are housed and cared for here at our facility. We are in a 100 year old house that has been restored as a "hotel for dogs".  We have 1.15 acres and have outside and inside kennels.  Our entire property is fenced in and we have two play yards for our animals to excercise and play in.  Being in a county with no animal control and so many animals needing a safe haven, we stay full and overwhelmed.  We try very hard to help as many animals as we are able to facilitate and we DESPERATELY need a few angels willing to foster some of our rescues.  This opens up doors and makes it possible for us to help others in need.  Nothing hurts us more than having to turn away a pet who desperately needs a safe place to go, just because we are full to capacity and do not have foster homes for them.  PLEASE CONSIDER BEING A FOSTER PARENT… You will be rewarded with love, affection and doggie kisses from the animals you are wiling to help get a second chance at life. Please Note: Due to a lack of volunteers and caring for the animals, weare "by appointment only" to arrange a time to meet your new best friend and family member. 


Girard Lifesaver Rescue is a private, charitable and soon to be non-profit organization concerned with the welfare of dogs and other animals. We are dedicated to the sheltering and fostering of homeless and unwanted animals. In addition, we take pride in the fact that we are a no-kill rescue and placement program that does not euthanize our animals for space.  Girard Lifesaver has been in existence since 2006 and has rescued hundreds of dogs, cats, and other animals.

Girard Lifesaver promotes responsible adoption and care of companion animals. We seek out good, permanent homes for our loving and deserving animals. All are in good health and temperament.  Fostering our animals enables us to observe the personality and needs of each individual animal and thus allows us to aid in the selection of a pet that fits the personality, needs, and lifestyle of a family/person 


 Contrary to what some people believe, Animal Control  shelters are not the same as humane societies or rescue organizations. Animal Control is primarily designed to control stray pet populations in cities and towns. These shelters hold animals for a certain number of days before they are killed. People who surrender their pets are often under the mistaken belief that their pets will be held until they find a loving home with someone else. However, these pets are often the first to be euthanized, many times the very same day. In the US, 800 dogs and cats are destroyed by AC facilities every hour

Euthanasia is defined as the act of inducing humane death, free of pain, stress and fear. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, painless death to an animal should result in rapid unconsciousness followed by a loss of brain function. Many private and city animal shelters euthanize unwanted pets with sodium pentobarbital, a controlled substance. When the substance is injected into a dog or cat's vein, animals usually die in seconds, usually without pain or suffering - however when large numbers are euthanized at once, many dogs or cats often sense at once what is going to be done as soon as they enter the Euthanasia Room and panic.  Gas chambers are often used by shelters that do not have the funding or a veterinarian/trained personnel on staff to administer sodium pentobarbital. Gas chambers are also less expensive for the city so there is less motivation to change. Gas chambers are not considered humane. Click here to read "I put dogs in the gas chamber."